This place we call Yeoville Bellevue: images in our community

On Saturday 12 May, the hustle and bustle of life in Yeoville Bellevue went on as usual – except for a few unusual events, captured here by YEOVUE NEWS.

Cultural cooperation

Cultural cooperation: South African (left) and Mozambican (right) musicians play and sing together in the Yeoville Recreation Centre as part of an African Diaspora Forum (ADF) event to commemorate the xenophobic killings in South Africa in May 2008

Street-fightin’ men: a huge crowd of Yeoville Bellevueites gathered to watch a boxing match taking place in an outdoor boxing ring in the Yeoville Park. Organised by Philemon Mokgesi of the Department of Sports and Recreation in the City of Johannesburg and the Johannesburg Boxing Association, it aims to encourage an interest in sporting activities. The event was sponsored by a Yeoville Bellevue businessperson.

There is a boxing development programme taking place in the Yeoville Recreation Centre. More activities of this kind are needed to provide healthy lifestyle alternatives to Yeoville Bellevue youth, many of whom are unemployed and, through boredom, spend too much time in bars and shebeens.

Big hearts with big Macs: a biker dressed up as Ronald Mcdonald roars with his Crusader clubmates through Yeoville Bellevue on their way to deliver McDonalds food parcels to the Johannesburg Children’s Home. Councillor Carlos da Rocha, Ward Councillor for Ward 66, which covers part of Bellevue and Bellevue East, is a member of this motorcycle club.

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