blankets for winter

Someone has asked me why I am not writing my blog. I have answered this a couple of times in previous posts. Time. Work. Routine.

Anyway, it’s almost a month since my last post and I do want to comment on the outcome of the elections and other developments. But tonight I want to talk about my annual blankets for winter drive.

Since 2006, I have collected money for blankets for poor/homeless/otherwise-disadvantaged people in Yeoville Bellevue. I raised R2 400 the first year, R4 500 the second, R5 500 the third, R8 200 the fourth and R7 900 last year. And it usually takes two to three weeks and a couple of reminders to get to these kind of figures.

(I send out email requests to maybe 300 people. I usually get contributions from between 10 and 20.)

I sent out this year’s email on Sunday night (5 June). Within 24 hours, I had R2 500 from three donors, one contributing couple giving R1 500, the highest single amount till then. By tonight – 8/9 June – I have received an amazing R7 216. The record has been broken again by someone who donated R2 500!

This is extraordinary. At this rate, I will get over R10 000 very soon and be able to buy around 150 blankets, depending on the current price.

The most amazing thing about this is the simple trust that people put in me. I send out an appeal, people respond, depositing money in my account. At a certain point, I go out, find a good source of blankets and buy. I try to keep contributors updated on developments, but no-one asks for an audited record on what has been spent and what have been bought. People simply trust me.

I am humbled.

Thank you.

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