Early morning mystery

This morning at 5.25, someone leaned on our doorbell and that of our tenant, six or seven long, extended rings. As I struggled awake, I imagined a number of possible reasons for this intrusion:

  1. Someone was in our yard and a friendly neighbour/passerby/police officer was letting us know.
  2. Someone was passing by and liked the look of the light behind the button and figured it would be fun to press it.
  3. G, an acquaintance, had decided in her drunken/stoned/otherwise mind-enhanced state that it was really important to talk to us and was sure we would not mind discussing it at that hour.
  4. One of the many people who know that we supply food/blankets on occasion hd had a bad, cold night and wanted a blanket/money/food/clothes.
  5. A women going home in the early hours was feeling threatened by someone and was looking for help.
  6. A woman on her way to catch a taxi to work in the early hours was feelin threatened by someone and was looking for help.
  7. One of the many people that I have pissed off in the course of my work was on his/her way after some late-night partying and felt compelled to call me out and inform me of his/her displeasure/swear at me/threaten me/shoot me/petrol bomb me etc
  8. A police officer who was supposed to be investingating a case I laid against someone decided to pay me a visit when he found out that I had complained that he had not been following up on the case and had discovered, with the help of one of his superiors, that he had closed the case without telling me.

As I walked naked to the door, clutching some clothes in my hand, I heard a car leaving. This raised the possibilty of a number of new scenarios:

  1. Our security company/the security company for my office in Rockey St or the security company for my friend’s house nearby had interrupted a burglary attempt or robbery attempt and could not get hold of me by telephone, so decided to phone.
  2. Someone walking past was threatened by someone in a car, tried to get help from us, but failed to get help in time and was bundled into the car and taken away.
  3. One of the afore-mentioned people with a grievance against me had stopped by to voice his or her displeasure with me (or worse?) and driven away when we did not answer in time.
  4. Someone driving past had seen someone comatose in front of our gate and was waking us up to inform us.

Whoever it was was gone by the time I got to the door. Joseph (from the cottage) was also trying to find out what was going on – he has a less than two year old baby and didn’t want her to get disturbed  He had spoken to the person via the intercom, asking again and again who was there. When he got no reply, he threatened to ‘blow their brains out’ – I know that sounds weird, but it’s related to a history of doorbell-ringers and to his concern that there are people out there who have targetted me. By the way, he doesn’t have the means to ‘blow anyone’s brains out’. Nevertheless, this could possibly have been the reason they decided to drive away.

The point is: the person could have been ringing the bell for any of the above reasons. They were all possible in our Yeoville Bellevue environment. Some have already happened to us. Many times. Others are possibilities.

When I went out in the morning, I checked for clues to who the mystery bell-ringer was. Nothing. Perhaps he or she will return – and this time I’ll get up a little quicker, so that at least we know who it is, even though we may not be comforted by the knowledge.

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