Welcome to our world!

Yeoville Bellevue are two very old suburbs in the city of Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa. They are, respectively, four and three years younger than Johannesburg, a city founded on the glittering gold which was first discovered in the area in 1886.

These two suburbs have been through many transformations in their 100+ years and will, no doubt, go through many more. But this is not a history site. It is a site very rooted in the reality of today and as the blog developes, you will get an idea of that reality, at least from my perspective.

Who am I? A ‘Yeoville Patriot’, according to well-known writer Rian Malan. I guess he’s right. And so I spend my days and nights working for the future of Yeoville Bellevue, a future which I hope will bring a reasonable, sustainable quality of life for all who live and work here and make the area one of which our fledgling new South Africa can be proud.

I suppose that, in the beginning, the blog will be a little confusing. But I don’t want to start off giving a long and detailed background to the stories I will tell. I’ll just start off with descriptions of my day and hopefully a picture will emerge that will begin to make sense.

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5 Responses to Welcome to our world!

  1. Richard Holden says:

    Reading the blog in a very boring UN Meeting in Cape Town. At least you are in touch with reality. Not just a blog, go for reality TV. In general Jo’burg needs to be saved from itself. If you look at the number of people living in Yeoville/Bellevue it is probably cleaner than many of the Northern suburbs.

  2. joseph says:

    well atleast I have a blog that keeps me intouch with my home and where I can also express my inner thoughts as patriot of my community irespective of my where about thank you for providing this blog to me because sometimes I feel the way Richard is feeling sharp sharp

  3. Obvious Katsaura says:

    Good initiative. I will be a follower of this blog

  4. shadreyer says:

    I used to live in Granville Court in Grafton street and then in other parts of Yeoville between 1989 and about 1995. I also spent time working at Ba-Pita for a few years so a little part of my heart was caught by Yeoville. I will be following your blog, plenty of reminiscing

    • yeovue says:

      It’s amazing how many people feel that ‘a little part of (their) heart was caught by Yeoville (Bellevue)’. There is something different about the place that creates a nostalgic link for people in a way that other areas don’t. I hope at some point to work on a history of Yeoville Bellevue which will perhaps shed light on what it is that makes the place so special to so many.
      Thanks for the feedback. I will keep writing and keep trying to keep the blog interesting.

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